Our aim is
to develop
an architecture
that is appropriate
to the purpose and
reflects the purpose
of given structure
in each specific

"AP Consulting NY" is a full-service architectural firm specializing and practicing architecture, urban master plans designing as well as interior design of residential and commercial projects of all types and sizes, from new custom homes, large-scope renovations and additions, to minor interior remodeling and simple consultations.

We work in a broad range of traditional and contemporary developments, introducing a unique style, based on our own unorthodox “Concise Definition of Architecture”, that may serve as a key to understanding an architecture and adds a new chapter in the theory.

Design is the interactive process and it's important to know that creativity in architecture is subject to common sense, and subject for certain restrictions, such as "Building codes" and "Zoning regulations", as well as expediency and rationality. And this is what distinguishes the architecture from other types of art.

We always aspire to be good stewards of the resources entrusted to us. The aim and the task of our work is creating a proper life style for the client that conforms with his budget and respects the agreed upon time and schedules. We tailor our service to each clients' project and remain flexible and cooperative toward achieving the best result for completion of the work.

In general, the architect performs his work respectively to his personal vision, imagination and feeling as well as his knowledge.

Prior to the design of any project for client we strive to acquire the comprehensive knowledge of the subject related to the project. We insist on making a significant effort to grasp the essence of the task, and to discover and receive the specific knowledge about the topic and overcome all obstacles to reach a clear understanding of the issue.

Our architectural projects are the repetition of simple pattern resulting in a dynamic, harmonious and a tasteful pursuit for modern symmetry. Precise shapes that breathe life into spaces.

We are having a strong belief in the opportunities to pursue, and are willing to take substantial high levels personal, professional and financial risks to relentlessly follow the right possibility.