Our aim is
to develop
an architecture
that is appropriate
to the purpose and
reflects the purpose
of given structure
in each specific
  • Three commercial skyscrapers
    - "Ford "company HQ, “Amazon” HQ2 with original designs of main building and Hotel
  • Lincoln Center Reconstruction
  • Reconstruction of memorial area of WTC
  • Sydney Opera Reconstruction
    - the purpose of this idea is to create the building, which serves as an emblem of the city and the country as well. But at the same time the designed building is represents an esthetic unique forms with logical functional layout on the same spot.
  • Carnegie Hall Reconstruction - the proposed design of the Carnegie Hall will present a memorable image of a concert hall with an impressive complex of forms, that is joined with office spaces and a roomy hotel with a conference hall on top of it and serve as a urban accent.
  • Plaza of three religions
  • School of architecture - where the shape of the volume of the exhibition hall for educational process projects serves as an example, inspiring students to creative searches. And where the interior of the lobby represents the visual aid for students of architecture school in their vocational training.
  • Communication tower - with office spaces and restaurant, reaches the height of the clouds.
  • Presidential museum and library - a complex, designed to specific site allocated for this purpose. The architecture idea emphasizes the unique role assigned to this building, and also emphasizes the historical symbolic of the country.
  • Cathedral - which spacey forms of the volume is unique and awakens sublime feeling of the audience.
  • US Embassy in Jerusalem - is designed building, which, with its planning solution, forms and details, tactfully end organically fits into an unique environment, not contrasting with the character of the unique city, but emphasizes its features.
  • Louvre - a design that will vastly improve the aesthetic perception of the current entrance to the Louvre.